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Astrographic plate measuring machine by Repsold and Son

Made by A Repsold & Sohne in Hamburg, Germany, 1900-1902.
Astrographic plate measuring machine, metal / glass / wood / plastic, made by Repsold and Son, Hamburg, Germany, used by Melbourne Observatory / Sydney Observatory, Melbourne, Victoria / Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1900-1902

An optical machine for measuring astronomical photographic plates. The plate measuring machine consists of a circular metal base on three legs that has been painted black. Attached to the circular base are two adjustable scaled frames into which photographic plates can be inserted. Attached beneath the base is a mirror. The mirror reflects light through a lens fixed into a circular hole in the centre of the base. A tripod, attached over the base, supports a micrometer and eyepiece. Accompanying the machine is a wooden stand. The stand has a circular hole in one side to fit the circular base of the plate machine. Also with the machine are two metal butterfly clips, an electrical lamp made from a tin, an illuminator with various components, four weights and additional components and attachments for the plate measuring machine.
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