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Museums Discovery Centre Family Adventure

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Museums are homes to objects that have been collected over many years. Not all of these objects are on display. Some are in storage. It’s not possible to visit most museum storage spaces but the Museums Discovery Centre is a bit different. It is a visible storage space where you can walk through and see a colourful mix of design and technology objects that you normally would not be able to see.

The fire engine is called Dennis Tamini. It was designed for use in country towns in New South Wales. Having a motorised fire vehicle was a great improvement at the beginning of the 20th century compared to horse drawn steam fire engines. On the Dennis Tamini firefighters were sitting facing outwards on long bench seats on either side while the driver and passenger were sitting at the front. This allowed the firefighters to jump out faster when they arrived at a fire. But it was also more dangerous as firefighters could more easily fall off the truck. And they were exposed to all weather fearing they could get wet and cold before arriving. The ladder above their heads could be used for rescuing people trapped in buildings.

Printing presses revolutionised the process of hand printing and made printing much faster and easier. To print the printer applies ink to the printing template. Then the paper is placed on top. The printer then uses the machine to press the ink on the paper. When you lift the paper, you can see your result. Your printing template needs to be reversed to have the outcome you wanted. It’s a bit like a mirror image. This is especially important for written words.

And how would you describe the look of the Wiggle chair? It was designed by famous architect and furniture designer Frank Gehry. His designs are characterised by abstract and sculptural qualities.

You can also find a head of a giganotosaurus from the Australian Museum or models of houses here.

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