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Bicycle by Wynall Cycles Australia

Men's bicycle painted in iridescent mid-red with white lining. The top tube has a decal featuring the text, 'Special Racer' in a white on red scroll on a red-lined white background. The down tube has a decal featuring the initials, 'D.M.I.' in white and red on a red-lined white background and the seat tube has a decal with the text, 'Supplied by D.M. Inglis, West Ryde' in red on a white background. The white areas on the frame tubes are bordered at the ends in blue. The steering head has a decal featuring the initials, 'D.M.I.' in red on white on a blue background.

The bicycle is fitted with a drum brake on the rear wheel and a rim brake on the front. Gears are fitted in the rear hub and a gear selector is fitted to the right handlebar. Mudguards are fitted and painted in the same mid red as the frame and with white and blue lining. Two chromed four-point stars are fitted to the front of the front mudguard. A lighting set is fitted on the bicycle, consisting of a generator affixed to the front left fork, a chromed headlight attached to a bracket off the front of the gooseneck and a chromed taillight affixed to the right seat stay. Toe clips with leather straps are fitted to the pedals. A side stand is fitted on the left hand side, forward of the rear wheel. The wheel rims are painted the same mid-red as the frame, with white lining. The bicycle has 28 inch wheels.
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