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Powerhouse Museum Family Adventure

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There was a time when we did not have computers, when no one had ever been to Space and there were no bicycles, trains, or cars.

All these objects were invented by people who experimented with materials and designs in order to solve problems and make people’s life a bit easier.

The Locomotive No. 1 was the first locomotive that hauled goods and passengers over a railway line from Sydney to Paramatta. This was a huge improvement for the people in 1855 who came out of their houses to celebrate wanting to be the first passengers on the train.

There are many flying machines in the Powerhouse Museum. Before there were airplanes, brave people like Lawrence Hargrave studied, constructed, and experimented with kites or gliders to discover the principles of flying. The invention of Hargrave’s box kite was instrumental for the first motorised flight.

To travel even further, beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and into Space, we needed to build rockets. The F1 rocket engine was built to generate thrust to lift a rocket off the ground and break free from Earth’s gravity that is holding us all down. F1 rocket engines were made for the Saturn V rocket, the rocket that sent the first astronauts to the Moon.

All these objects might look different to you than you know. A modern computer screen does not look like a large beige box anymore. That is because the more we experiment with materials, technology, and design the more we learn and improve the products we have in our lives.

What would you like to build in the future?

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