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'Don Banks Box' electronic music synthesiser

Rectangular metal casing with grey front panel housing conrtol dials and sockets. Three rows of dials with four at top, seven in middle and seven at the bottom. Dials control particular parameters;

Top (L to R): Attack Time, Attack, Filter Mode, Hi Triang.

Middle: (L to R): Noise Out, Decay Time, Suppress Mod 2, Filtyer Freq, Hi Freq, Lo Freq, Reverb Depth.

Bottom: (L to R): Mic Out, Attack Out, Mod Out, Filter Out, Hi Out, Lo Out, Reverb Out.

Below bottom row of dials is series of input and output sockets arranged in four groups of five sockets. Some are identified as outputs, other as inputs. Outputs are listed above particular sockets for Noise, Mic, Attack, Mod, Filter, Hi Osc, Lo Osc, Reverb.

Inputs are listed below sockets for Mic, Mod 1, Mod 2, Filter, Hi Osc, Lo Osc, Reverb.

Metal for other parts of case is honey-combed. White power cord attached to front. Level indication marks have been drawn onto front panel around some knobs in blue pencil or pen.
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