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Papier-mâché model of a silkworm by Dr Louis Auzoux

Made by Auzoux, Louis in France, Europe, 1884.
Anatomical model of a silkworm constructed from papier-mache and painted plaster with connecting metal hooks. The back of the silkworm can be removed to show the internal organs including the thorax, abdomen and intestines, brain and muscle structure on the underside of the back. On the exterior of the silk worm is shown its mandibles and silk producing glands, three pairs of thoracic legs, four pairs of abdominal prolegs and a pair of anal prolegs. Covering the outside of the body are setae (stiff, strong hairs that help the silkworm to attach itself to surfaces without sliding) and fine particles of silk. The model is painted cream with pale blue, brown, pink and green detail, especially on the internal organs.
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