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Space meal package from Gemini mission

Plastic rectangular sealed bag containing a complete meal (lunch) for an astronaut. Seven individual items are inside the bag including dehydrated pea soup, freeze-dried salmon salad, compressed cheese sandwiches coated with an edible gelatin film, compressed peanut cubes, a sachet of pineapple-grapefruit juice drink powder, chewing gum and a skin cleaning towel. The pea soup, salmon salad and drink powder are contained in plastic sachets fitted with two tubes: one with a valved nozzle to allow water to be added and the other an eating tube that can be folded until needed. Attached to the outside of each sachet is a bacteriacidal tablet, used to sterilize it after use to prevent spoilage of the residue before the spacecraft returned to Earth. The cheese sandwiches and peanut cubes are vacuum-packed in sealed plastic parcels. The cleaning towel also has its own plastic sachet.
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