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Human non Human Exhibition

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This set features objects from the Museum’s collection that were selected for the exhibition Human non Human. Human non Human includes four installations profiling the work of five artists, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Dr Lindsay Kelley, Liam Young and the Dr Ken Thaiday Snr and Jason Christopher. Several of these artists included a range of MAAS objects to incorporate into their installations. Featuring a Beizam Shark Headdress from Dr Ken Thaiday Snr, botanical specimen models by Dr Louis Auzoux and a Jellex recipe book from the 1920s, this set spans a diversity of thought about different aspects of our human existence. From ideas of totem and belief; to our relationship with food; to the drive of all living things to reproduce; this set takes you on a journey through the different ways we as humans have attempted to understand the "non-human" and world around us.

Human non Human is on display at the Powerhouse Museum from 7 August 2018 to 27 January 2019.
For more details visit: https://maas.museum/event/human-non-human/

This project is an outcome of the Australian Research Council Linkage Grant Curating Third Space: The Value of Art-Science Collaborations in partnership with University of New South Wales Art & Design.

Nina Earl
Assistant Curator
August 2018