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Vase painted by Katherine Smallfield for Doulton

Vase, earthenware, faience glaze, flannel fower design, hand-painted by Katherine B Smallfield, Doulton & Co., (Lambeth works), Lambeth, London, England, 1891-1902

Vase, of blue faience ware with handpainted flannel flower motif. The vase sits on a short foot, its lower body curving out into a wide squat bulge, then narrowing into a ring or short bulge from which it rises in a long chimney like neck, almost cylindrical but gently sloped to a slightly narrower mouth at the top. The vase is decorated on a blue ground with the image of a flannel flower plant, growing up from the base on one side and radiating up and out. The plant has green leaves and white flowers. A band of terracotta glaze decorated the inside at the top. The interior is whitel. Maker' mark under base.
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