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Ambrotype of Miss Margaret Miller

Made by Unknown (person) in Australia, Oceania, 1854-1870.
Photographic positive, hand-painted ambrotype, studio portrait of Miss Margaret Miller, collodion / paint / glass / wood / paper / metal / velvet, photographer unknown, 1865-1870

An ambrotype showing a 3/4 length portrait of a young woman photographed seated in a studio setting. The woman wears a dress with buttons to the waist, a full skirt and long sleeves. She holds her left hand near her chin and rests her left elbow on the small table beside her. In her right hand she holds a book in her lap. The image has been hand coloured with her cheeks in pink and the brooch at her collar in gold. The ambrotype is enclosed in a hinged case made from wood that has been covered in leather. The lid has detached from the base. The case would have opened to reveal the ambrotype on the left hand side. The ambrotype is framed in an oval brass mat that has been stamped with a decorative pattern. A glass panel sits over the top of the brass mat. The opposite side of the case is lined with faded yellow velvet that has been embossed with a decorative foliate pattern. On the outside of the case, the leather has been embossed with a decorative floral design which is surrounded by a rectangular, gold, border. Two metal hooks on the side of the case would have allowed it to be closed securely.
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