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Ambrotype studio portrait of Mrs C A Ross

Made 1854-1865
Photographic positive, hand-tinted ambrotype in case, studio portrait of a Mrs C A Ross, collodion / paint / glass / wood / paper / metal / velvet, photographer unknown, 1854-1865

An ambrotype showing a 3/4 length portrait of a woman photographed seated in a studio setting. The woman wears a dress featuring tartan pattern with a full skirt and long sleeves and a brooch in the middle of the lace collar on the dress. She looks directly into the camera but has the right side of her body angled towards the camera. The back of the ornately carved chair the woman is seated on can be partially seen. The ambrotype has been tinted with the woman's cheeks in pink, dress in green and blue and her brooch in gold. The ambrotype is enclosed in a hinged case made from wood that has been covered in leather. The lid has detached from the base, however it would have opened to reveal the ambrotype on the right hand side. The ambrotype is framed in a rectangular brass mat. A glass panel sits over the top of the brass mat and another decorative brass frame sits on the outside of the glass. The opposite side of the case is lined with red velvet featuring an embossed decorative pattern. On the outside of the case, the leather also features an embossed decorative pattern. A metal hook on the side of the case would have allowed it to be closed securely.
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