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2000/4/1 Wearable computer, 'Xybernaut Mobile Assistant IV', plastic / metal / nylon, Xybernaut Corporation, Virginia, United States of America, 1999. Click to enlarge.

'Xybernaut Mobile Assistant IV' wearable computer

The idea of wearable computers emerged in the 1960s, when Ivan E. Sutherland pioneered the wearable headset. Since then, wearable computers have been in active development. The objective of downsizing the components, creating an unobtrusive, ergonomically workable tool, has now been adequately achieved.

Peter Cox, 2000


Object No.


Object Statement

Wearable computer, 'Xybernaut Mobile Assistant IV', plastic / metal / nylon, Xybernaut Corporation, Virginia, United States of America, 1999

Physical Description

Wearable personal computer comprising central processing unit (CPU) in magnesium alloy case, head-mounted display, mini keyboard, lithium-ion battery with holder, battery charger, AC adapter, belt, vest, mini port replicator, video camera, video adapter. The vest has cable sleeves and holsters for the CPU, battery, flat panel and mini port replicator.

The CPU clips onto the vest or belt. It contains ports for connecting peripheral and power cables as well as PCMCIA cards for network communications.
Processor: Intel Pentium 200 MHz
Memory: 32MB RAM
Storage: 2.1GB internal removable HDD

CPU includes a built-in mouse, built-in dual PC card readers (CardBus), built-in sound card, full-duplex ports for HMD/FPD, power, USB, and replicator; full port replicator with mic in, headphone out, line-in, serial, parallel, VGA, PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard and USB ports; miniport replicator (keyboard an FDD).

The headset holds the head-mounted display unit and the video camera. The head-mounted display is a monocular 640 x 480 color VGA viewer, which includes a microphone and ear-piece speaker and integrated miniature video camera. The headset has a built-in attachment for microphone and ear-piece speaker, built-in attachment for head mounted camera power supply, microphone and ear-piece speaker. Its display unit projects an image onto a reflector that displays the image to the user's eye (left or right). The VGA display measures 1.1 inches diagonally, but using special optics, provides the same full-color, full-screen view as a 15 inch monitor seen from two feet.

The MA IV comes preloaded with the following software: operating system (Windows NT), speech-enabled open hypermedia toolkit that makes it possible to create a hyperlinked electronic library from existing digital files (Xybernaut linkAssist), speech recognition software (IBM ViaVoice, Dragon Naturally Speaking), video software.


Headphones: 'MADE IN JAPAN'.
Headband: in white 'ANDREA/ANTI-NOISE ®/ANC-600'.
Camera: front 'XYBERNAUT'.Back 'CE', 'CU,HMD/ P/N 734-77150-10/ S/N: 00410'.
Head mounted display: 'XYBERNAUT' on front. Back 'CE', 'DU,HMD/ P/N: 734-77105-01/ S/N: 00096'
Keyboard: on back 'Manufactured by Solid Year Co. Ltd.'.Makers plate 'Model No. ACK-595/FCC ID: L2BACEKEY598/This device complies.../Made in China.../ S/N: 902059379'.
CPU: maker's plate 'XYBERNAUT MODEL: MA IV TM/SER NO. A110061/DC 12V-2.1A MADE IN JAPAN'.
Charger adapter: front 'XYBERNAUT', 'CHARGER/ADAPTER MC12-1960/.../L64206/XYBERNAUT'.
Belt pouch: printed in white on flap 'XYBERNAUT'.
Sound cable: 'NOGATECH/FCCE/NV2000/Tested/to comply with/FCC standards/For home/or office use'.
Power cell: printed on one side in green, red and white 'Q11S44382k/MOLICEL/MOLICEL ® Model No. ME 202BB/Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery 11.1V/Nippon Moli Energy Corp. Made in Japan...'.
Housing for power cell: front 'XYBERNAUT', 'CE', 'Battery Case/for Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery/ME 202BB 11.1V/.../XYBERNAUT CORPORATION/MADE IN JAPAN/ P/N: FMO4285-623/ S/N: 800085'.
AC adapter: front 'MOLICEL®', back 'AC Adapter/MODEL RC45-19/INPUT 100-240V ~ 1.1A/50-60HZ/OUTPUT 19V - 2.2A/CE/.../FUTABA INDUSTRIES CO LTD/MADE IN JAPAN/SER.NO.000936F/...'.
Belt: on back of buckle 'NIfCO/SR-50'.
CD software:printed on one side of disk 'Second Edition. © 1981-1999 Microsoft Corporation...'.
CD software cover:'© 1998 Microsoft Press. All right reserved...'.Disk printed on one side 'Microsoft ©/Windows 98/Starts here...'.
CD software:printed on one side 'XYBERNAUT/MA IV TM/ 12/07/99... MA IV TM MANUAL/MA IV TM DRIVERS/Windows 95, 98/Windows NT, ver 4.0/LINK ASSIST/TOUCH SCREEN/STEFRA/SAVE TO DISK'.'1999 Xybernaut Corp...'.
User's Guide: 'All Rights Reserved © 1998/Manual Version 1.0/Doc-00100/Release Date: December 1998'.
Manual: 'Xybernaut ®'.
Manual: 'Microsoft Corporation, USA, 1998-1999'.



Designed by Xybernaut Corporation. Xybernaut Corporation was founded in 1990. It undertakes research, development and sales of wearable PCs. The PCs are intended to deliver the functionality of a fully networked desktop PC in a small, rugged and lightweight unit that can be worn by workers in any environment while being activated with a single touch or hands free voice comand.

Made by Xybernaut Corporation.

A new, 1999 off-the-shelf product.



Brand new. Never used.


Credit Line

Purchased 2000

Acquisition Date

4 January 2000

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