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Comic book made by Streetwize Comics

Made by Streetwize Comics Ltd in Australia, Oceania, 2000.

Founded in 1984, Streetwize Comics produces free educational comics for young people covering a wide range of issues. The comics communicate important messages in an easy-to-read format that young people can relate to, particularly disadvantaged youth. The comics, as well as other material including posters and educators’ notes, deal with topics such as health and safety, legal issues, racism, sexual harassment, domestic violence, homosexuality, housing, employment, gambling, drug and alcohol ab...


Comic book, 'Hit me with your best shot!', second edition, paper, Streetwize Comics, Australia, 2000

Portrait-format comic book with a colour illustration of two young women discussing drug use on the cover. The comic book bears the title 'Hit me with your best shot' in yellow. The internal pages feature colour illustrations and discusses the issues surrounding drug use and how to practise safe injecting.


275 mm
205 mm


The second edition of the comic book was produced in April 2000 by Streetwize Comics for the NSW Health Department. The comic book was illustrated by Stephen Crowley at Streetwize Comics and written by Eddie Greenaway.
Streetwize Comics Ltd 2000


Gift of Streetwize Comics Ltd, 2000
24 November, 2000

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