Meccano Super Highway Multikit

Made 1974

This item is from a large collection of Meccano, and Meccano copies (including Ezy-Bilt, Buzz, Bral, Temsi and Jolei-Spiele). The collection covers a 60-year period from 1928 until 1988 and comprises over 20 Meccano models, 7 boxed sets, over 200 manuals and instruction books; as well as spare parts. The collection was put together by a retired Sydney mining engineer, Malcolm Booker, who made many of the models. As a child Malcolm was a keen Meccano builder but became both an avid Meccano collec...


This Meccano boxed set is a Meccano Super Highway Multikit and dates from 1974. This boxed set made models including a diesel roller, bulldozer, dump truck, post borer, snow plough, tracked crane, forklift truck and trench digger. The kit features the use of hexagonal bolts and Meccano spanners with hexagonal centres. This allowed Meccano models to be assembled with standard hexagonal box spanners as well as the supplied Meccano spanner. The Highway Multikit, along with the other 'themed' sets, were a great success for Meccano. To expand the range, Meccano added caterpillar tracks to the Highway Multikit and launched this expanded 'Super Highway Multikit' in January 1974. All the models in the Highway Multikit could still be built, and a second manual was included to show an additional eight extra models. The instruction book includes an adhesive sheet with decals, and is published in English, Italian, German, French, Dutch and a Scandinavian language. Intended for children aged from 6 - 16, the Meccano Super Highway Multikitit was made in England and the book printed in the UK.


Gift of Malcolm Booker, 2013
5 November, 2013

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