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Toy railway wagon, Hornby BR No.50 ‘Saxa Salt 251 10T 6.6.10’

Made in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom, Europe, 1957-1969.

This toy railway Saxa Salt wagon, made between 1957 and 1969, is one of the items of goods rolling stock built by Meccano Ltd for their 0-gauge range of Hornby toy trains. The Hornby toy trains and accessories are a microcosm of railway social and technological history in Britain during the first half of the twentieth century.

Trains were the first form of modern transport to be reproduced as toys. Wooden pull-along trains were available in Britain from the 1840s, not long after the commercial...


Toy railway wagon, Hornby BR No.50 'Saxa Salt 251 10T 6.6.10' private owner's wagon, 0-gauge, metal, made by Meccano Ltd, Liverpool, England, 1957-1969

The private owner's wagons and vans added to the charm and realism of the Hornby toy train layouts. In full-size railways these were owned privately by various companies, and not by the railway company which was running them.

The No.50 private owner's Saxa Salt railway vehicle is four-wheel, bright yellow tin-printed wagon with a black-enamelled base, grey-enamelled roof and a dummy brake lever on each side. The wording 'Saxa Salt' appears in large red letters on the sides. Small red numbers near the bottom of the wagon, '251 10T 6.6.10' indicate the weight, truck number and other details also in red. There is a hinged door on the roof for interior access.


85 mm
55 mm
170 mm


The No.50 Saxa Salt wagon is one of the No.50 series of goods rolling stock introduced by Hornby in 1957. It was the last new series of wagons to be made by Meccano Ltd in the 0-gauge range of toy trains and manufactured when this gauge was on the decline and the smaller 00-gauge taking precedence in production and sales. The Saxa Salt wagon replaced the Cement wagon.

Some of the other goods items made in the No.50 series were a flat truck, goods van, refrigerator van, and brake van. A good indicator that a wagon is a No.50-type is the addition of the dummy brake lever, except on the brake van. The Saxa Salt wagon was available until 1969.

Graebe, Chris and Julie, The Hornby Gauge 0 System, New Cavendish Books, London, 2002

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