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AWA colour television

Made in Australia, Oceania, 1982.

This AWA Deep Image 53 cm (22 inch) cathode ray tube colour television receiver is typical of the televisions in Australia from the early 1980s before the common use of remote control devices and video cassette recorders (VCRs) but after the introduction of colour television in Australia in 1975. It was made in 1982 in Japan by Mitsubishi Electric for AWA-Thorn Consumer Products Pty Ltd of Rydalmere, New South Wales, part of the Australian firm Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) which had been e...


Television receiver and related ephemera, AWA Deep Image, Model No. C5317, Serial No. 461543, metal / plastic / glass / paper, made by Mitsubishi Electric, Tokyo, Japan, for AWA-Thorn Consumer Products Pty Ltd, Rydalmere, New South Wales, Australia, 1982, used by the Simpson family, Roseville / Killara, New South Wales, Australia, 1983-2011

This acquisition comprises the colour television, instruction manual, schematic diagram, advertising material, sales receipt, 4-year warranty card, service receipt, original screen advertising sticker, a set of plastic channel indicator numbers and hand-written model comparison chart.

This 53 cm (22 inch) colour television features a cathode ray tube, 100 degree deflection Deep Image picture tube with self-convergence system, precision in-line guns, vertical stripe screen with black surround, internal magnetic shield, soft push-button tuning, quick start, VHF/UHF tuner, automatic fine tuning, earphone sockets, tone control and hide-away minor controls all mounted in a free-standing lowboy finished in teak.

Instruction manual "AWA Owner's instruction manual for your colour television receiver" a 6-page stapled booklet.

Advertising brochure "AWA Deep Image colour television", fold-out in colour, featuring the various models of AWA colour and black and white televisions, and VCR recorders.

Wiring diagram for AWA Thorn QM 100 degree 53 and 63 cm Varacator Models.

Sales Receipt from Discount Inn Home of Electrical Appliances, 785 Pacific Highway, Gordon, NSW, dated 11 January 1983.

Hand-written comparison of television models and prices prior to purchase in 1983.

Fold-out 4-year warranty card

A set of plastic channel numbers.

Advertising sticker from the glass screen.


The television set was made by Mitsubishi Electric, Tokyo, Japan, for AWA-Thorn Consumer Products Pty Ltd distributed from their office/factory at 348 Victoria Road, Rydalmere, a western Sydney suburb. According to the 1981 edition of Business Who’s Who in Australia, AWA-Thorn were manufacturers and/or distributors of radio and television receivers, audio visual equipment, stereograms, record players, tape recorders, loud speakers, hi-fi equipment, vacuum cleaners and other domestic appliances. The factory was at Rydalmere and branches were located in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. The parent companies were Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd and Thorn Electrical Industries Pty Ltd.

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA) was established in Sydney in 1913. According to their Wikipedia entry this firm was "Australia's largest and most prominent electronics organisation undertaking development, manufacture and distribution of radio, telecommunications, television and audio equipment throughout most of the 20th century". The firm last produced appliances from their Sydney manufacturing plant at Ashfield in 1979 and from the late 1970s appliances including televisions were made for AWA-Thorn by Mitsubishi Electric of Japan. This division of AWA was also the Australian distributor for many audio equipment manufacturers, including Tannoy, Revox, AKG Acoustics and Clarion car radios. In 1984, Mitsubishi Electric purchased AWA-Thorn and it became Mitsubishi Electric AWA Pty Ltd and marketed their VCRs, stereos and TVs in Australia retaining the AWA brand name. The firm gradually moved away from appliances and into power transmission equipment and optical fibre technology.


Gift of Phillip Simpson, 2012
5 January, 2012

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