Hats made in the Philippines

Made in Philippines, Asia, 1980-1988.

These four hats are representative examples of utilitarian headwear from the Philippines. They form part of a collection of headwear whose significance reflects both the diversity of their countries of origin and their gift to the AusAID Centre for Pacific Development and Training (AIDAB) as a token of appreciation. The hats were gifted to AIDAB by students who attended courses there between 1980 and 1988. The concept for the collection was initiated by Leon Robert (Bob) Heron, Principal of the ...


Hats (4), plant fibre, various makers, Philippines, used by the AusAID Centre for Pacific Development and Training, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1980-1998

Four wide brimmed hats made in the Philippines.

A sun hat (solar topi). A wide brimmed conical hat with rounded crown, featuring a rigid underlying leaf base, overlaid in open work plaiting in polished bamboo, the edges bound in either bamboo or pandanas leaf. Additional decoration on the crown in the form of a six pointed star. The hat features a chin strap in plaited reed or bamboo chain link. Label attached.

A sun hat (solar topi). A wide brimmed conical hat, featuring underlying herringbone pattern woven [pandanas] leaf structure, overlaid in two colour geometric pattern derived from contrasting plait weave. The underside of the brim features plaited pandanas leaf elements. Label attached.

A wide brimmed hat, made in very finely woven reed, featuring a twill weave crown and basketweave brim. A decorative hat band and diamond shaped decorative elements on the crown of the hat feature in a contrasting darker colour. Label attached.

A pander hat featuring a wide brim and deep crown. The hat is woven in plain weave using multiple elements, edges are turned over and tucked in. Label attached.


Hats made in the Philippines between 1980 and 1988.

A photograph Belinda Capul, who donated the sun hat (solar topi), appears in one of the photograph albums, see 2008/198/12-1.


Gift of AusAID, 2008
8 October, 2008

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