Neoz ‘V4’ cordless lamps

Made by Neoz Lighting, 2005-2006.

The Neoz range of rechargeable cordless lamps are designed to provide illumination for dining tables in commercial and domestic environments. The lamps are available in a number of different designs and can be switched to different light levels and special options such as ‘candle’ and ‘fade’. The patented battery system and electronic controls were developed by Sydney-based company Neoz, who have specialised in cordless lamps and cordless lighting systems for commercial, hospitality and home env...


Cordless lamps (6), with base stations and chargers, 'Neoz V4', glass / plastic / metal, designed and made by NEOZ Pty Ltd, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2005

Six cordless lamps, six base stations and extenders, six chargers, six power cords with plugs, one battery pack containing Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

The 'Owl 1' lamp has a polished stainless steel body with dome reflector, the 'Egg' has a hand blown glass diffuser and the 'Ice Square 100' diffuser is made from pressed glass. The three 'Gem 2' diffusers are made from resin.

The lamps are designed to be used on the base stations providing lighting while also charging the internal battery. The batteries have been removed from these lamps. When the battery pack is installed the lamps can operate independently of the base stations.

Rotating the lamp on the base station provides switching and dimming. Special effect modes (such as candle flicker or fade) are controlled by a single base switch. A battery charge level display is also on the base. Each lamp contains a 12V 5W G4 halogen light bulb. There are a number of spare bulbs.


185 mm


Principal designers were Peter Ellis, Jackie Chan and Gabriel Tam from NEOZ Pty Ltd, with electronic engineering by ILID, Rozelle, NSW, Australia 2004-2005. The Neoz cordless lamp range was first developed in 1995, using rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries and basic control electronics. The V4 lamps are the most recent evolution with improved battery technology (lithium ion) and electronic control system. The V4 system is patented worldwide.

Unique technical features of the lamp system include: the rotation of the lamp on the base station to activate a switch to turn the light on or off; the lamp unit with a battery assembly as the central aperture; and the extendible lamp post. The inventors also claim it is the world's first lithium ion powered rechargeable cordless table lamp system.

The Neoz lamps are available in more than 20 different designs with metal, glass or resin diffusers. For commercial use a range of storage and charging platforms, trays and trolleys were designed to accommodate a number of lamps.

The Neoz V3 technology is used in the Aura illuminated seat by 2design held in the Museum's collection.
Neoz Lighting 2005-2006
Neoz Lighting


Gift of NEOZ Pty Ltd, 2008
31 January, 2008

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