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Astrograph, Type A-1

Made c. 1940

This object is part of a collection relating to the history and development of calculating devices assembled by Assoc Professor Allan Bromley of Sydney University, comprising mathematical instruments, slide-rules, mechanical and electronic calculators, electronic analogue computers, computer components, kit computers, education computers, and associated ephemera.

Allan Bromley was a lecturer and researcher at the University of Sydney Basser Department of Computer Science from 1978 until his unt...


Astrograph with box, Type A-1, metal / glass, made by the Sperti Company, Cincinatti, United States of America, used by the US Army, c. 1940

It has lighting components behind a window. On the front there is a polar scale with Longitude and Latitude, which may be scrolled. The instrument is packed in a cast metal box with screwed-on shelf with the main components. In the bottom there are compartments for parts. The Astrograph was made by the Sperti Company in Cincinatti, USA.


260 mm
370 mm
280 mm


This is a Type A-1 Astrograph, Specification 27404, as used by the US Army Air Force. The Astrograph was used in aircraft night-time navigation in which the stars provided reference points. A map of the constellations printed onto a translucent sheet of film was rolled through the device under the glass plate and lit from behind. It was used in conjunction with an astrocompass (see P.159/6). The astrocompass would provide the heading of the aircraft with respect to the declination of a particular star and the astrograph would be used to identify which star you were using. It was probably used during WWII for night flying over the Pacific.
c. 1940


Donated through the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program in memory of Associate Professor Allan Bromley, 2010
20 January, 2010

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