Headguard for boxing

Made by Madison Sport Pty Ltd in T'ai-wan, Chung-hua Min-kuo, Asia, 2003.

This boxing headguard was made in 2003 and shows the innovative design and construction used in the production of protective sports gear and reflect an increasing understanding of the biomechanics of the body when playing sport.

The wearing of protective equipment to prevent injury when playing and practising sport is increasing. The use of protective equipment is mandatory in many sports such as cricket and baseball and voluntary in sports such as rugby. Protective equipment ranges from headgu...


This is a red and black padded leather headguard. The front of the headguard is black with the white text 'Madison Spot' printed across the forehead. The inside and ear covers of the headguard are red. The top of the guard has a white cord attached.

There is also packaging for this object which consists of a zip lock clear plastic bag..


240 mm
190 mm
270 mm


The boxing headguard was made by Madison Sport Pty Ltd in Taiwan in 2003. Madison Sport Pty Ltd is an Australian company that specialises in protective sporting equipment. They are based in Queensland.
Madison Sport Pty Ltd 2003


Gift of Signature Mouthguards, 2007
12 November, 2007

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