Leather strops

Made by A H Christian & Son in New South Wales, Australia, 1916-1975.

Microscopes and the equipment used to prepare specimens for microscopic analysis are vital tools for many areas of scientific study. Students can learn the basics of using microscopes in a few lessons but it takes years to master the many facets of microscopy. Today the preparing and viewing of biological and other specimens under a microscope plays an important part in the study of science at schools, universities and TAFEs and for scientific research.

A microtome is a mechanical instrument us...


Two leather strops used for the final honing of blades. One end of the leather has a metal buckle with a metal ring attached for hanging the strop.


60 mm
6 mm


Made by A. H. Christian & Son in New South Wales, Australia, between 1916-1975.

These strops would have been used by science students to sharpen the blade of a microtome.
A H Christian & Son 1916-1975


Used by students in the Applied Science Department at Granville TAFE, New South Wales, between 1980-1996.
Granville College of TAFE 1980-1996


Gift of Granville TAFE, 2007
9 November, 2007

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