Health and Medical pamphlets

Made by Harris-Williams Press Pty Ltd in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia, 1958-1959.

The Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) was established in Melbourne in 1916 to produce antitoxins and vaccines when supply from overseas became unreliable during World War I. The organisation went on to play an extremely important role in public health and in medical science research in Australia. For example, it produced insulin, penicillin and polio vaccines, often long before they were available in other countries. It has done pioneering research on the production of antivenoms for snakes,...


Pamphlets (4), relating to information about penicillin and the influenza vaccine, paper, produced by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Parkville, Victoria, Australia, 1958-1959, printed by Harris-Williams Press, Melbourne / Renown Press, Carnegie, Victoria, Australia, 1958-1959

Four health pamphlets printed on paper.Two date from 1958 and relate to the Influenza virus vaccine and two date from 1958 and 1959 and relate to Penicillin medication and its cost. All are marked.

'List of C.S.L Penicillin Products and Prices as at 1st July, 1959', shows the price of Penicillin in the year of 1959.

'Phenoxymethyl Penicillin Tablets for Oral Use', a letter explaining that phenoxymethyl penicillin will now be available under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Regulations.

'Influenza Virus Vaccine', provides information for doctors on dosage and side effects of the influenza vaccine.

'Influenza Virus Vaccine 1958', provides information for the patient on dosage and side effects of the influenza vaccine.


These pamphlets were produced by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Melbourne, Victoria between 1958 and 1959. They were printed by Harris-Williams Press Pty Ltd and Renown Press Pty Ltd.

CSL was founded in 1916 as the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, to meet the demand for locally produced biopharmaceuticals in a country isolated by war. Throughout its history CSL has been a leading national investor in research and development. CSL was the first to supply Australia's public with such life-saving products as Insulin, Penicillin, and the Polio Vaccine.

In 1994 after a period as a corporatised government company CSL was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Harris-Williams Press Pty Ltd 1958-1959


Gift of Dr Vivian George Balmer, 2007
15 November, 2007

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