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Boxing tent banner

Made in Australia, Oceania, 1940-1955.

‘I could hear the caller throwing out challenges to “any mug brave enough to step into the ring with my fighters” and promising ten dollars if he could last three rounds. I could feel the drum they pounded to get your attention - “Boom, boom, boom” - long before I reached the tent, long before I saw the fighters standing on a raised platform stripped to the waist, arms folded, glaring down at the audience. Behind the boxers, stretching the length of the tent, hung a two-metre-high canvas mural p...


Canvas boxing tent banner, suspended from a timber pole. The banner is titled 'International Stars' at top centre and 'Jimmy Sharman's Troupe' at centre. The banner depicts in cameos and action portraits the 'World Heavyweight Champions' Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey. The images are framed by furled US flags.


1870 mm
2495 mm


The banner is signed 'Harry Paterson' at lower right. The banner was made between 1940 and 1955.


Purchased 2007
14 September, 2007

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