Dental health booklet

Since the late nineteenth century, government and community organisations have produced pamphlets to promote health. Pamphlets available in health and community centres, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, alert the general public to local health services, provide practical information about healthy behaviours, and convey other important health-related messages.

This booklet was one of many produced by the New South Wales Department of Health that represents a wide range of advice booklets issued...


Pamphlet, 'The ABC of Dental Health', paper, published by the Division of Dental Services, New South Wales Department of Public Health, Sydney, New South Wales, printed by V.C.N Blight, Government Printer, New South Wales, Australia, 1970

A 4 page pamphlet titled 'ABC of dental health'. The pamphlet contains information about how to look after children's teeth and prevent tooth decay. The booklet has a light blue cover with black text. There is the image of a young boy smiling on the front cover. It includes diagrams and facts about teeth and photos of teeth being brushed.

While some of the language in this pamphlet is addressed to children ('At play time or after school, when you are hungry, it is best to have a glass of milk and a piece of fruit'), its content is targeted more at parents. It offers other dietary advice as well as advising children to brush and floss daily and 'consult your dentist' every six months and 'ask him about the benefits of fluorides', a rather adult activity.


199 mm
111 mm
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The booklet was made by the Division of Dental Services, New South Wales Department of Health in 1970.
V C N Blight Government Printer
New South Wales Department of Health 1970


Gift of Mrs Margaret Simpson, 2007
23 October, 2007

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