Radiation evaluator ‘Victoreen 6000B Nero’

Made by Victoreen Instruments Co in Cleveland, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, United States, North and Central America, 1960-1980.

These various radiation meters were originally procured and/or used by the NSW government agencies including the former State Pollution Control Commission (SPCC), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), and possibly the NSW Department of Health. These agencies, collectively over the years, regulated the use of radiation apparatus (for example X-ray machines used in medical diagnostics) and radioactive substances (for example cobalt-60...


The equipment is enclosed in a hard black carry case, which is divided into two compartments. One side contains the monitor, while the other compartment contains the detector and three electrical cords. The monitor is blue with two black panels. The left hand panel contains the output screen and a set of push buttons, and the right hand side contains instructions printed in white.


80 mm
300 mm


Equipment made by Victoreen Instruments Co in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America, in 1960-1980.

Victoreen Instruments Co is a branch of Elimpex Ltd, and makes a wide range of quality assurance measurement equipment for radiation therapy, diagnostic x-ray and radiation safety surveys.
Victoreen Instruments Co 1960-1980


Gift of the Department of Environment and Conservation New South Wales, 2007
5 June, 2007

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