Radiation detector with probe

Made by Nuclear Enterprises Ltd in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe, 1980.

These various radiation meters were originally procured and/or used by the NSW government agencies including the former State Pollution Control Commission (SPCC), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), and possibly the NSW Department of Health. These agencies, collectively over the years regulated the use of radiation apparatus (for example x-ray machines used in medical diagnostics) and radioactive substances (for example cobalt-60 ...


The detector has a body encased in a yellow metal housing. The front of the unit has a blue metal handle, a grey dial, and a 'counts per second' meter window. The probe attachment has a yellow metal body with a square head and is connected with a black electrical cord. The detector in the probe consists of a plastic phosphor scintillation plate coated on one face with zinc sulphide. A tin layer of aluminised polycarbonate covers the detector; to prevent this layer being damaged, it is covered by a metal grille. The window area is 49 square cm. The rate meter also has a sound alarm.


242 mm
120 mm
105 mm
1.8 kg


Nuclear Enterprises Ltd was acquired by Saint-Gobain in 1995 and eventually merged into the Bicron-NE business unit. The company is now (as of 2007) under the new name: Bicron-NE.

The rate meter is designed to be used with different types of scintillation and GM (Geiger-Mueller) probes for monitoring all types of radiation. The instrument can be used in direct reading mode or as a counter.
Nuclear Enterprises Ltd 1980


Gift of the Department of Environment and Conservation New South Wales, 2007
5 June, 2007

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