Poster, ‘no to Theemas million dollar dreams’

Poster art has evolved significantly from the early posters first produced in Australia in the early 19th century that only featured text, to the posters in the Di Holdway Collection that are characterised by bold designs and effective use of photographic and graphic screen print techniques. The Di Holdway Collection is an important poster archive that shows the emerging political voice of Australia’s youth culture through poster art. The collection shows how the poster was used as a political t...


Poster, 'No to Theemans million dollar dreams', screen print on paper, an independantly produced poster designed and printed by Jan Mackay, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1972-1979

Poster featuring the image of a wreath printed in blue, yellow and pink with a card displaying the caption printed in white on a black background: 'In memory of Victoria St Kings Cross'. The full wording is: 'Property & development / carry the obligation / to exploitation / No to Theemans / million dollar dreams '. Marked on reverse.


640 mm
510 mm


Done in relation to the Victoria Street campaign evictions of squatters which finished when Theemans secured approval to move on developing the area.
Mackay, Jan


Gift of Alberto and Demetrio Alati, 2007
21 May, 2007

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