Demain cordless drill with internal power chuck

Made in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2005.

The Demain cordless drill is an example of Australian innovation and contemporary Australian product design. It received an Australian Design Mark and Powerhouse Museum Selection Award in 2006. This drill features an innovative internal power chuck that clamps much tighter than conventional chucks and spins inside, rather than outside, the housing. The internal chuck eliminates damage to surrounding finished surfaces and enables the drill to be gripped much closer to the front. It also has elect...


Demain cordless drill with internal power chuck, plastic / metal / rubber, designed by Demain International, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, maker unknown, Dongguan, China, 2005

Black, grey and yellow cordless drill with chuck that has a clear plastic cover. The drill is powered by an 18V rechargable battery. A stabilising handle is attached to the drill and contains a built-in bit holder and magnetic strip for holding bits or fasteners.


Designed by Demain International, Melbourne, Vic, manufactured in Dongguan, China, 2005-2006. Bayly Design Associates in Melbourne provided design, prototyping and testing on the drill following on from their work on the Demain angle grinder.

Demain Technology's core business is royalties from licensing their technology to the manufacturer. The design and intellectual property is entirely owned by Demain.

The main body is designed to eliminate any visible crew holes or join lines, creating a smooth and contemporary look.

The most innovative feature is the internal power chuck that clamps tighter than conventional chucks and spins inside the housing. This eliminates damage to surrounding finished surfaces seen in conventional drill design due to rotation of the chuck. This also enables greater control of the drill by being able to grip the drill at the very front of the housing.

The designers claim it is the world's first drill with electronic gear shift selection and torque control for chuck clamping and drilling operation. There are 50 torque settings which are separately programmed for low and high gear positions. The jog dial control allows the user to select the torque settings, and an overload warning or cut out operates when the user is leaning too heavily on the product. An anti theft system provides the user with a programmable disable feature using a personal identification code. The auxiliary handle includes a magnet strip for holding fasteners or bits and a built-in removable bit holder.


Gift of Demain International, 2007
30 March, 2007

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