Dulmont Magnum laptop computer

Made by Dulmont Electronic Systems Pty Ltd in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1985.

This early laptop computer was made by Dulmont in Sydney in 1985. It was PC-compatible, with Intel 80816 chip and 16-line LCD screen. The software held in read-only memory included a spreadsheet, so the computer could perform a range of user-generated calculations.

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The Dulmont Magnum laptop computer is an example of a particular style of early laptop (being similar to the HP 110 and the Sharp PC-5000) but it is also one of the very few Australian PCs ever marketed. It is definite...


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Physical Description

Dulmont Magnum laptop computer and accessories, plastic / metal / glass / electronic components, designed and made by Dulmont Electronic Systems Pty Ltd, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1985

The Dulmont Magnum laptop computer consists of a dark green rectangular plastic case. Two release buttons on either side allow the hinged top of the case to be lifted revealing the standard QWERTY keyboard and function keys within the body of the case and an LCD screen in the lid section which is lifted. The company name DULMONT is embossed in the top of the case. On the underside is a plate with the name of the company (Dulmont Electronic Systems Pty Ltd), model number (DM 256) and serial number (10037). At the back of the machine are a number of connector ports (1x60 pin, 2x 15 pin, 1 RCA and 1 DC power connector). The laptop contains a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery. The machine also comes with two ROM packs, one called MagWriter and the other Magnum Basic and two covers for the ROM packs.


The company name 'DULMONT' is embossed in the top of the case.



195 mm


325 mm


360 mm



Designed and manufactured by Dulmont in Australia - released onto the market in 1984.


Dulmont Electronic Systems Pty Ltd 1985



This Dulmont Magnum was used by the donor to write her doctoral thesis.

In the June 1985 issue of 'Just Computers, the Dulmont Magnum retailed for $2995 for a 96K model, or $4100 for a 256K model.

The Magnum is a PC compatible system featuring an Intel 80186 processor, 96 KB of RAM, a 16 line LCD screen. The ROM holds software including word processor, spreadsheet, telecommunications, file management and appointment programs. Additional ROM software can be added via two 128 KB Cartridge slots. This machine has two ROM packs in place, one called MagWriter and the other Magnum Basic.


Credit Line

Gift of Mr Richard Dale and Dr Josephine David-Dale, 2007

Acquisition Date

17 April 2007

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