‘Handie Talkie’ portable radio

Made by Hain, David in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1947.

The ‘Handie Talkie’ radio was built by the donor from designs and parts supplied through the ‘Radio & Hobbies’ journal (October 1947, Vol.9 No.7). The donor was fond of this particular radio and his recollections regarding it were handwritten on the reverse of a photograph of the radio. The notes detail his expertise and fondness for the radio:

‘This little radio has a long history. I built it long before the advent of transistors. It was a Radio & Hobbies project. I altered the design several ...


Radio receiver, 'Handie Talkie' portable radio, and documents, wood / glass / electronic components / metal / paper, designed by Radio & Hobbies radio engineers, made by David Hain, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1947

Portable wooden radio with textured brown vinyl covering and three slot speaker grille in upper half and three control knobs in lower half. Volume knobs on left and tuning on right. Plywood surround for knobs painted gold and white. Leather handle attached at either side.

Two pieces of paper with hand drawn circuit diagrams in blue and black pen.

One photographic print of the radio in a workshop with hand written notes on reverse.

One copy of Radio and Hobbies magazine October 1947, Vol.9 No.7.


Radio and Hobbies magazine October 1947, Vol.9 No.7, included this radio design in that issue. The R&H fixed the supply of chassis and cabinets with dial plate and knobs to match. The article on the "Handie Talkie" commencing on page 24 details the parts required and construction method for the radio.
Hain, David 1947


Gift of David W Hain, 2007
15 February, 2007

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