Airzone radio model 5057

Made by Airzone Ltd in Auburn, New South Wales, Australia, 1938.

The Airzone 5057 was used in the donor’s dining room and took pride of place high on a shelf above his many trophies for photography. Stored in the back of the radio were circuit diagrams detailing circuit replacements and repairs made in 1975 and 1981 demonstrating how the radio was maintained in a premium working condition throughout the donor’s lifetime.

The ‘Symphony Leader’ is the largest Bakelite mantle radio designed and manufactured by the Airzone company. The tombstone cabinet shape fo...


Radio receiver and documents, Airzone model 5057 'Symphony Leader', Bakelite / glass / metal / electronic components / paper, designed and manufactured by Airzone Ltd, Camperdown, New South Wales, Australia, 1938

The Airzone radio cabinet is a brown Bakelite 'tombstone' form with large circular frequency dial and four black knobs below. The speaker grill has three segments, they are outlined with white Plaskon urea-formaldehyde fittings. Brown and white speckled fabric covers the speaker. Chassis # 537.

There are circuit diagrams (3 sets, 6 pages) noting circuit changes and repairs over the years. Two of the diagrams date from 3-1-75 & 6-4-81. The other has no date.

There are two used valves wrapped in plastic also stored in the back of the radio receiver.


The radio receiver was made by Airzone Ltd. In 1925 Airzone commenced manufacturing crystal sets. The company, like many other Australian electrical consumer item manufacturers, prospered after the introduction of tariffs in 1930. Airzone manufactured radios for other brands including Mullard, Malvern Star & Peal. By the late 1930s the company had become one of Australia's leading radio manufacturers. Airzone was originally located in Dalley Street, Sydney and later at 168-170 Parramatta Road, Auburn, Sydney and Camperdown, New South Wales.
Airzone Ltd 1938


Gift of David W Hain, 2007
15 February, 2007

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