The 7 millionth Victa mower

Made by Victa Pty Ltd in Australia, Oceania, 2004.

This ‘Tornado’ lawn mower is the 7 millionth lawn mower produced by the Victa company since in began manufacturing lawn mowers in 1952. It was presented to the Museum as part of a celebratory event for Victa staff and media at the Victa assembly plant in Moorebank, NSW, on 17th November 2004. It is one of a series of new products in the redesigned Victa product range. It represents a contemporary redesign of an iconic Australian product. By redesigning its mower range Victa aimed to reinvigorate...


Victa 'Tornado' lawnmower, catcher and rear ejector chute in cardboard box, with two-stroke petro engine, 7 millionth Victa mower made, steel / plastic / rubber, designed by Mark Armstrong, Henri Spaile, Martin Handley from Blue Sky Creative and Paul Tonitto, Dominic Tamas, Patrick Doyle from Victa Lawncare, 2003-2004, made by Victa Lawncare Pty Ltd, Moorebank, New South Wales, Australia, 17th November 2004

Steel chassis powder coated with high gloss silver paint, grey and blue plastic catcher with grey and black trim. 'VICTA Tornado Edge mulch or catch' is printed on a sticker on the front of the chassis. On the rear of the chassis is a small silver plate engraved with 'Victa Mower No 7,000,000 Presented to Powerhouse Museum Sydney November 17, 2004.' 'VICTA' is printed in black on each side of the catcher.

The mower is operated by a Victa VSX160 two-stroke petrol engine. The cutting height can be adjusted using the lever control adjacent to the right rear wheel. The user can change the mode of operation from either mulching lawn clippings and returning them into the lawn or catching the lawn clippings in the catcher. The mower uses Victa's patented mulching disc with four cutting blades. The 'Aerogrip' handle is ergonomically designed, and the mower has a 48cm cutting width from edge to edge.

The mower is accompanied by spare parts comprising three screws and two nuts. It is also accompanied by a black plastic mulching plug.


The Tornado was designed by Blue Sky Creative in partnership with Victa Lawncare Pty Ltd. The design team consisted of: Mark Armstrong, Henri Spaile, Martin Handley from Blue Sky Creative and Paul Tonitto, Dominic Tamas, Patrick Doyle from Victa Lawncare. Development of the design concept took twelve months and the Tornado was launched in September 2004.

This Tornado lawn mower was assembled at the Victa assembly line at Moorebank, NSW, on 17th November 2004. Approximately 90% of the components were manufactured in Australia, including the pressed steel deck which was manufactured by G.A. & L Harrington Pty Ltd.
Victa Pty Ltd 2004


Gift of Victa Lawncare, 2004
23 February, 2005

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