Neon sign used in Channel Seven television program ‘Sounds’

Made by Signcraft Neon Pty Ltd in Hong Kong, 1986.

This neon sign documents the television program ‘Sounds’, which began on Channel Seven on 1 March 1975, the day colour transmission officially commenced on Australian television. It began life as ‘Sounds Unlimited’ with Graham Webb as host. Webb soon gave up hosting for production, entrusting the job to ex-Sydney DJ Donnie Sutherland.

‘Sounds’ went out live for three hours from 9am each Saturday morning, 52 weeks a year, until December 1987. At its peak it was shown on well over 100 stations na...


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Neon sign, 'SOUNDS', and attached power supply, wood / metal / glass / plastic / electrical components, used by Channel Seven on the television program 'Sounds', power supply made by Standard Electric Works, Hong Kong, 1986, neon sign made by Signcraft Neon Pty Ltd, Brookvale, New South Wales, Australia, 1986

Neon sign letters are attached to a length of particle board. The particle board is in the shape of a trapezium, 810 mm high, 1800 mm wide and 25 mm deep. It is painted black and is chipped in places along its edges. The neon lettering consists of glass tubing that spells the word 'SOUNDS' and two shoe print shapes to suggest dancing feet. One foot is made of blue glass, the other is white glass. When switched off the letters are white in colour except the letter 'N' which is yellow. When the unit is switched on the 600 mm letters 'S' and 'U' are pink, 'O' and 'S' are cyan, 'N' is yellow, 'D' is red, the shoe print on the left is blue and the shoe print on the right is cyan.

To carry the neon gas there is a length of clear plastic tubing extending from the sign to the 240 volt power supply. A standard power cord extends from the power supply. The power supply is a black metal box measuring 200 mm high, 550 mm wide and 210 mm deep, containing a transformer and other electrical components.



810 mm


25 mm



Designer unknown. Sign made by Signcraft Neon Pty Ltd, 106 Old Pittwater Rd Brookvale. It was commissioned by Channel Seven and cost $2000. The transformer was made by Standard Electric Works, Kong Kong, 1986.


Signcraft Neon Pty Ltd 1986



The sign was commissioned by Channel Seven in 1986 and used as part of the set for Donnie Sutherland's Saturday morning television program 'Sounds'. It has belonged to the donor since Channel Seven allowed him to purchase it for $50 after 'Sounds' was axed in 1987. The sign was featured on the television program 'Beyond 2000' during a segment about neon signs. The donor was a technical director at Sydney's Channel Seven for many years. Apart from 'Sounds', he worked programs such as 'Hey Dad', 'Sons and Daughters', A Country Practice', 'Romper Room', 'Saturday Morning with Jono and Dano' and 'Real Life'.


Seven Network Limited 1986


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Gift of Peter Youngman, 2004

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10 January 2005

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