Shoe on tricycle from closing ceremony Sydney Olympic Games

Made by Ceremonies Costume Workshop in Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2000.

This tricycle shoe has significance in material culture due to its role in the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games, an important event in the recent history of Sydney and NSW. It has the potential to communicate in exhibitions and publications about the Sydney Olympic Games and has significance in its design, making, use and the cultural meanings ascribed to it.

The closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games took place on Sunday 1 October at Stadium Australia, Homebush Bay. It inc...


High heeled shoe on tricycle, 'Licorice Allsorts', performance prop, metal / cloth / foam, designed by Ross Wallace, made by Dean Manderson, Freda Meckelberg, Sally Wilson, Brian Woltjen, Linda Crawford, Andrew Mcdonnell, Asher Reed Ceremonies Workshop, used in 'Parade of Icons' Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, Sydney 2000

Shoe bike, 'Licorice Allsorts', high-heeled shoe on tricycle. The tricycle frame is made from metal that has been painted green. The tricycle frame supports the shoe framework, which is made from steel and wire mesh covered with pieces of foam cut and painted to look like licorice allsorts. The inside of the shoe is lined with green satin. The underside of the shoe is lined with blue satin. The bike seat is covered with green satin.


2410 mm
1270 mm


The prop was designed by Ross Wallace, Sydney NSW, 2000.

The shoe bikes were designed to be moving about the field of play with the Priscilla bus during the Parade of Icons. They needed to move easily and be manoeuvred well by performers. The beginning concepts showed the performer sitting high in the shoe, which posed a problem of balance and mechanical design. A standard adult tricycle was brought in and altered slightly to increase the wheel base of the tricycle for stability. With the performer sitting in the toe of the shoe and the rear wheels of the tricycle in the middle of the shoe, the shoe bike could easily turn in a very small radius.

The prop was made by the ceremonies construction team member Dean Manderson, Prop makers, Freda Meckelberg, Sally Wilson, Brian Woltjen, Linda Crawford, Andrew Mcdonnell, Asher Reed, Ceremonies workshop, Eveleigh, Redfern, NSW, 2000. A standard adult tricycle was altered to be wider at the rear wheels and longer. The shoe shape steel frame was built onto a jig for reproduction of multiples. Wire mesh was then welded to the frame of the shoe. The frame then welded to the tricycle. The frame was then covered with black cotton fabric to create a smooth surface for the foam liquorice allsorts. The inside of the shoe was lined with satin.
Ceremonies Costume Workshop 2000


Sydney 2000 Olympic Games closing ceremony 'Parade of Icons' segment, Priscilla Queen of the Desert float, Stadium Australia, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, 1 October 2000

Made for and owned by the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, and donated to the Powerhouse Museum after the Games.


Part of the Sydney 2000 Games Collection Gift of the New South Wales Government, 2001
5 October, 2001

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