Ultrasonic dental probe

Made by Ultrasonics Institute in Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia, 1963.

The Ultrasonics Institute was internationally recognised as a world leader in the development of medical uses for ultrasound, commencing in 1959. The Institute’s work followed on from that of its precursor, the Ultrasonics Research Section of the National Acoustic Laboratories in Sydney.

The Ultrasonics Institute team were the first world-wide to provide superior image definition and clarity by developing ‘grey scale’ imaging. This was a way of picking fine differences in ultrasound echoes bou...


Ultrasonic dental probe, attached to mount, metal / plastic / cardboard, made by the Ultrasonics Institute, Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia, 1963

Ultrasonic dental probe consisting of a tubular stainless steel transducer with a dual probe head. Attached to the probe is cabling in protective plastic sheathing and three attached end fittings. The probe is mounted on blue cardboard backing.


254 mm
242 mm
2 mm


Ultrasonic dental probe based on a 10 MHz transducer produced in 1963 by Ultrasonics Institute in Chatswood, New South Wales.
Ultrasonics Institute 1963


Gift of CSIRO, Telecommunications and Industrial Physics Division, 2007
16 July, 2007

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