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Recreational Arts Team (RAT) parties archive

Made by Recreational Arts Team (RAT) in Australia, Oceania, 1984-1989.

The RAT party archive is part of a larger collection of objects documenting RAT parties. During the 1980s in Sydney’s inner-east, a series of more than 35 parties organised by the Recreational Arts Team (RAT) formed a key element of an emerging subculture. The core of the self-styled Recreational Arts Team was Jac Vidgen, Billy Yip and Reno Dal. Vidgen, an energetic party-thrower who had come to Sydney from Brisbane, became the de facto promoter and organiser of these so-called RAT parties. Yip ...


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Physical Description

Archive, Recreational Arts Team (RAT) parties, comprising posters, artwork, invitations, tickets, passes, badges, painted rat trap, photographs and photograph albums, designed by various artists, designers and photographers including Billy Yip, David Heimann, Robert Rosen, William Yang, compiled by Jac Vidgen, paper/card/wood/metal, made in Australia, 1984-1989

1. RAT party posters (28?)
2. Artwork for poster (3)
3. Invitations, tickets and passes (56?)
4. Badges (3)
5. Rat trap, painted
6. Photographs and photo albums



Recreational Arts Team (RAT) 1984-1989



Material used by Jac Vidgen and the Recreational Arts Team to promote, organise and document RAT parties.
Jac Vidgen put together an extensive archive documenting RAT parties and donated the collection to the Powerhouse Museum and State Library in 2002.


Credit Line

Gift of Jac Vidgen, Billy Yip and the Recreational Arts Team, 2003

Acquisition Date

17 October 2003

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