Bath thermometer

Bathing has been an important part of the nursing care of patients, not just for cleanliness, but for the treatment of various conditions. The correct temperature of the bath has also been stressed, and not only because the nurse must take care not to scald the patient. Early 20th century texts on nursing at home and in hospital contain lists of specific types of baths, beginning with an alkaline (Bicarbonate of soda) bath at 90° for skin diseases, a cold Brand bath at 70° to 80° for typhoid fev...


Small mercury thermometer, with the temperature scale printed on paper enclosed between the thermometer's inner and outer glass casings. The paper also bears the wording, 'Dr Forbes Specifications'. The thermometer fits into a cylindrical metal case, with screw-on cap at one end and an attachment ring at the other.


Source unknown
2 February, 2005

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