Equatorial refracting telescope made by Hugo Schroeder

Made by Schroeder, Hugo in Hamburg, Germany, 1874.

This telescope was installed in the South Dome at Sydney Observatory in 1874 and is now the oldest working telescope in Australia. It was used by Henry Chamberlain Russell, Government Astronomer at Sydney Observatory from 1870-1905, to view the transit of Venus that occurred on 9 December 1874. The telescope is therefore important because of its use in the observation of a rare astronomical event, as well as for its age and its connections to the history of the Sydney Observatory site and the ea...


Equatorial refracting telescope. 11.4 inch, made of brass and glass, which consists of a brass tube painted brown with ends unpainted. Attached to the top of this is another smaller brass tube. A glass lens is fitted in the end of each of the brass tubes with an eye piece at the other.
Observatory stock number 4.


The telescope was made in 1874 by Hugo Shroeder in Hamburg Germany.
Schroeder, Hugo 1874


The telescope was used at Sydney Observatory, Observatory Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Sydney Observatory
Sydney Observatory 1874-present


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3 June, 1983

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