Ship model, 13th Century Cog sailing ship

Made 1940s

This is a model of a 13th century sailing ship called a cog. It was made in the 1940s by Mr C.T. Laurenson of Stanmore, NSW. The cog was the dominant ship type in Northern European waters from the 13th to 15th Centuries. The sea going cog was the workhorse of the Hanseatic league.


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Ship model, 13th century sailing ship, Cog, made by Mr C.T. Laurenson, Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia, 1940s

Ship model, 13th Century Cog sailing ship, complete with mast and rigging, square rigged single sail with painted-on crest, fore and aft castles designed as fighting platforms, gratings, companionways, bollards, anchor. Mounted on stand.



420 mm


153 mm


310 mm



Model made by Mr. C. T. Laurenson.





The cog is a type of ship that first appeared in Northern European waters in the 10th century, and was widely used from 12th Century onwards. Generally built of oak, the cog was fitted with a single mast and a square -rigged single sail, and a stern mounted central rudder. Cogs were characterised by a flush-laid flat bottom midships, gradually shifting to overlapped strakes near the posts.They had full lapstrake planking covering the sides. Caulking was generally tarred moss inserted into curved grooves covered with wooden laths, and secured by metal staples. Early cogs had open hulls but by the 13th Century, they received decks.The fore and aft castles were added as defenses against pirates and for warships as seen in this model. The cog was the sea going workhorse of the Hanseatic League ,as their relatively high speed and large cargo carrying capacities made them the dominant North Sea merchant vessels. between the 13th and 15th centuries. The cog design was eventually superceded by more specialised carracks and galleons.


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Purchased 1947

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1 January, 1970

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