3 3/6” refractor telescope.

Made c. 1875

There are two main types of telescopes. One uses a curved reflecting mirror to capture an image of the celestial bodies the other uses a refracting lens to magnify the image. Refracting telescopes were the first type of telescopes to be invented, appearing in around 1608.

This telescope was likely used as a finder telescope on the Observatory’s 11.4 inch refractor telescope (H9886). Finder telescopes are generally smaller instruments of low power and large field of view that attach to a larger ...


Astronomical equipment, telescope, 3 3/6" refractor, metal / glass, maker unknown, used at Sydney Observatory, Sydney, Australia, 1874-1890

A 3 3/6" refractor telescope with a tube made from metal. The tube is dented in places and has two screw holes in one side of it. Two screws with washers fit into the screw holes. There is a lens with a brass surround in one end of the tube and a brass eyepiece at the opposite end. The eyepiece can be unscrewed into three pieces, an eyepiece, an aperture, and a lens.


The telescope is believed to have been made c. 1875.
c. 1875


Used at Sydney Observatory as a finder telescope on 11.4 inch refractor telescope (H9886).

The date range given for use by Sydney Observatory is based on the year of installation of the 29 cm telescope, 1874, until the time of building the astrograph in 1890.
Sydney Observatory 1870-1879

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