Lifeboat model “Lady Carrington”

Made in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, c 1900.

This large model represents the Port Jackson Lifeboat Service lifeboat “Lady Carrington” which was used as the Port lifeboat from 1880 to 1905. An official lifeboat service began in Sydney in 1858 in response to public pressure after the tragic sinking the previous year of the ship “Dunbar”, wrecked off the Sydney Heads with the loss of all but one of the 122 on board, and the “Catherine Adamson” with 21 lives lost. The lifeboat service was based at South Head along the British tradition of the ...


Ship model, lifeboat, Port Jackson Lifeboat Service, "Lady Carrington", made [in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia] c.1900

This model of a lifeboat has a rig which consists of two standing lugs and a single headsail. Details include rudder, tiller control, five rowlocks each side,10 oars ,cleats, and lifebuoy. The rig is folded and stowed on thwarts. The model is finished in white and blue with maroon lining and mounted on a wooden stand.


410 mm
480 mm


Nothing is known of the building of this lifeboat model.
c 1900

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