Traeger Pedal generator used by the Flying Doctor Service

Made c 1930-1940

The Traeger pedal generator is part of the Powerhouse Museum’s Communications Collection and is an important Australian innovation. Alfred Traeger, a South Australian electrical engineer, developed this power-generation system for two-way wireless radios in the 1930s.

Pedal-powered radios brought a significant change to life in remote areas by providing help in emergency medical situations and diminishing the loneliness of the inland world. They were integral to the development and success of ...


Pedal Generator set designed to run the pedal wireless as used by the Flying Doctor Service. Made in Australia, c 1930-1940. The object consists of a coil generator, the rotor of which is turned by pedals on a horizontal shaft through a gearbox.


This generator was designed by Alfred Traeger and made in Australia by an unknown maker.
c 1930-1940


This pedal generator was used in the Cloncurry area of Queensland
Royal Flying Doctor Service c 1930 - 1940


Gift of Mr H D MacAndrew, 1974
20 February, 1974

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This object is currently on display in Recollect: Health & Medicine at the Powerhouse Museum.
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