Boots designed by Beth Levine

Made by Levine, Beth in New York, New York state, United States, North and Central America, c.1960-1979.

Beth Levine (nee Katz -1914-2006) was America’s most important shoe designer from the 1940s until the 1970s. She was the daughter of a Jewish Lithuanian immgrant farmer on Long Island. Levine began her career as a shoe model with a tiny size 4B foot. She rapidly rose to designer and was employed by many high end New York shoe manufacturers. When she met her husband, Herbert, in 1946, she took his name professionally because shoe design was a male dominated industry. Beth Levine was responsible f...


Boots, pair, womens, synthetic/plastic, designed by Beth Levine, labelled Herbert Levine, New York, c.1970. A pair of womens thigh high boots, of glued construction, with rounded toe and low [louis] heel. Uppers consist of knitted white synthetic knee high stockings woven with a repeated pattern of squares. Supporting stocking around foot are soft clear plastic uppers, cast in one piece with air holes. Heel clear perspex. Unlined. Sock of pale pink leather
(-1) Left shoe
(-2) Right shoe


575 mm
80 mm


The pair of boots are representative of fashion from the 1960s, a period when fashion design was particularly innovative. The boots are by New York shoe designer Beth Levine whose designs are noteworthy for their one-of-a-kind inventiveness and use of unconventional materials. Beth Levine's innovations in shoe design continue the work of designers working earlier in the 20th century such as Perugia, Ferragamo, and Vivier.

The boots are representative of Beth Levine's most influential design. Levine first designed a stretch boot in 1967 and won the prestigious Coty Award. The design was followed by a pantyhose boot and then an all-in-one design with pants and boots connected. The boots on offer are one of the versions created under the Herbert Levine label. Both stockings and boots were popular accessories in the 1960s when the mini skirt became fashionable. The stocking boot is an interesting and inventive design that complements the museum's collection of stockings and fashionable boots from the 19th century.

Beth Levine and her salesman husband, Herbert, who she married in 1944, were leaders in shoe design throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Levine won a Nieman Marcus Award in 1954 and the Coty American Fashion Critics' Award in 1967 and 1973 for her contribution to the shoe trade. Levine retired in 1976.

The boots were made in America for Beth Levine and marked 'HERBERT LEVINE'.
Levine, Beth c.1960-1979
Levine, Herbert


Purchased 1997
3 July, 1997

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