1987 Mardi Gras poster

Made in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1987.

The poster documents a major annual event in the community and cultural life of Sydney and Australia - the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (established 1978 and known previously as the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras until 1989).
This event is one of Sydney’s most spectactular annual festivals with state, national and international appeal. The festival’s artistic endeavours in terms of float, costume and event design (eg the Mardi Gras parade and party) rival most other Australian festivals and internat...


Poster, 'Sydney Gay Mardi Gras 1987', designed by Michael Fenaughty, colour offset printed poster on white glossy paper, advertising the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras of 1987, Festival February 6 - March 1 and Parade and Party Feb 21, colours are navy blue ground with yellow and red predominantly and some green, the title 'SYDNEY GAY MARDI GRAS' is in top right corner and the opera house motif is to its left, centre of the design consists of a 'reinterpreted' Australian coat of arms (two yellow kangaroos in this case - two smaller red emus are below them) surrounded by a fractured red 'map' of Australia, surrounding this central motif are other Australiana motifs including a cookatoo proclaiming the date '1987!', a kookaburra, boomerang and a waratah, border rims design and printed below is 'FESTIVAL: FEB 6 - MAR 1/ PARADE AND PARTY: FEB 21'.


900 mm
642 mm


Designed by Michael Fenaughty in November 1986. Made for the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras (later Sydney Gay amd Lesbian Mardi Gras) festival, parade and party of 1987.
'The Mardi Gras held a poster design competition and my design was selected as the winner. I believe that the original (colour pencils and ink) submitted for the competition is held in the collection of Mardi Gras. A range of associated items (tickets to the Party after the Parade, banners to decorate the hall where the Party was held, and the cover of the Festival Guide) were also based on elements of the poster design.' Michael Fenaughty, email correspondence to the Museum 4/3/2008.


Gift of Robert French, 1996
20 August, 1996

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