Anatomical model, human head and torso

Made in Australia, 1970-1980.

This is a three-dimensional model illustrating anatomical detail of the human head and torso, which was used for educational purposes. It typifies mid- to late-century scientific education for secondary and tertiary students.

During the early to mid-twentieth century, interest in anatomy and the human body increased significantly in western society. The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences gave human anatomy lessons to school groups throughout the 1970s, and this model was used, in combination w...


Life-size plastic anatomical model of human torso and head; the head is sagittally sectioned to reveal brain and interior of nose and mouth; the thorax and abdomen with removable organs, comprising:

Torso with head, sectioned
Section through right lung and sternum
Section through left lung and sternum
Heart, sectioned into two parts showing chambers
Large intestine, segment
Small intestine
Large intestine
Kidney, sectioned.


370 mm
850 mm
170 mm


The model was made by Marcus Sommer, SOMSO-Werkstätten, Coburg, Bavaria, or Sonneberg, Thuringia, Germany, probably between 1970 and 1980.


Used as educational aid for classes on human anatomy conducted at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences during the 1970s.
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

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