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93/340/1 Table, 'Event Horizon', aluminium / enamel paint, designed by Marc Newson, Australia / Japan / France, 1991-1992, manufactured by CZMIL for POD Edition, France, 1992. Click to enlarge.

‘Event Horizon’ table by Marc Newson

Marc Newson is an Australian designer who has enjoyed extensive international attention since the beginning of his career. His formative training was received at the Sydney College of Arts, where he graduated in 1984 with a major in jewellery, while also making furniture forms. Idee in Japan was the first overseas company to produce his designs. In 1993 he was awarded the prestigious 'Grand Prix du Createur' by the Salon du Meuble de Paris, the French equivalent of the Milan furniture fair, Salone del Mobile.

The significance of the 'Event Horizon' table lies not only in its importance as a key example of this highly successful Australian designer's production, but also for its innovative use of materials and advanced technologies. The table is fabricated in spun aluminium, with four trumpet legs supporting a shaped top which, being open at both ends, reveals a hollow interior. The interior is coated in deep 'Ferrari' red enamel paint. It is a signed limited edition piece of furniture, the production of the six tables having been carefully supervised by Newson himself. The table was made by Newson's own company, POD Edition, at a small aerospace company, CZMIL at St Quentin/Yvelines just outside Paris. Stamped on the table top at one end is 'MARC NEWSON, POD EDITION, EVENT HORIZON 1992 1/6'.

The scientific term 'Event Horizon' describes the boundary of the region of space-time from which it is impossible to escape, like a one-way membrane around a black hole. In this table, Newson links this concept to his own preoccupation with negative (interior) space and positive (outer) form which he feels normally tends to dominate. The prototype for this table has also been acquired by the Powerhouse Museum. The designer presented it as a gift when the 'Event Horizon' table was acquired in 1993.


Object No.


Object Statement

Table, 'Event Horizon', aluminium / enamel paint, designed by Marc Newson, Australia / Japan / France, 1991-1992, manufactured by CZMIL for POD Edition, France, 1992

Physical Description

Table, 'Event Horizon', aluminium/ enamel paint, designed by Marc Newson, Australia/ Japan/ France 1991-1992, manufactured by CZMIL for POD Edition, France, 1992

An elongated hollow table form, fabricated in aluminium with smooth and seamless curved lines and raised on four slender trumpet legs. The exterior surface is highly polished aluminium while the contrasting internal cavity is painted in vivid (Ferrari) red enamel. The top is flat with a shallow central channel running almost full length. The elongated and mouth-like ends (with smooth and rounded returned edges) are open to reveal an enclosed hollow space which is painted vivid red. Four deep holes (openings into the hollow legs) and a linear ridge (the contour of the channel on the table top) are clearly visible. The sides of the table are gently curved and roll beneath to a rounded underside where the four spun aluminium legs extrude from trumpet-shaped top to become slender tubes near the feet. Designers/Makers stamped mark on table top at one end.


Designers/Makers stamped mark on table top at one end; circular text "MARK NEWSON POD EDITION . EVENT HORIZON . 1992".Enclosed in the centre of the lettering is a trumpet-shaped motif. This mark encompasses two further stamped marks, "1" (within trumpet motif) and "6" adjacent to trumpet which express the edition number 1/6.



820 mm


960 mm


1830 mm





Designed by Marc Newson in Australia, Japan and France between 1991 and 1992, the definitive model was made and revised in France in 1992.

Manufactured by CZMIL, St Quentin/Yvelines, France in 1992 for Marc Newson's own company, POD Edition. This is piece number 1 of a limited edition of 6 pieces.


Credit Line

Purchased 1993

Acquisition Date

29 September 1993

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