Flute played by John Amadio and made by Rudall Carte & Co

Made by Rudall, Carte & Co Ltd in England, 1923.

(See: D Eden and M Lea; The Powerhouse Museum - The Amadio Flutes in Flute Focus, issue 8, October, 2006, pp.18-19)


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Flute d'Amour, Radcliff system, Alto flute in B-flat, silver, used by John Amadio, made by Rudall Carte & Co Ltd, London, England, 1923.

Silver alto flute in three pieces with 18 keys on double action and counter levers. Head piece (-1) has capped end and raised mouth piece. The long middle section (-2) has a complex arrangement of lever and counter lever keys, 15 keyed holes, the top section has decorative ridges and engraving. The foot joint (-3) has three keyed holes and decorative banding top and bottom. The flute is housed in a case (-5) and has a small grease pot (-4) as well as additional key pads (-6).


Middle joint - Engraved with makers mark " Rudall Carte & Co Ltd/ 23 Berners St/ London. W. 6465"



Made at Rudall Carte by Leonard 18th July, 1923. It is possible that this flute was made to a special order by the flautist John Amadio.


Rudall, Carte & Co Ltd 1923



This flute was sold by Rudall Carte to John Amadio on the 27th of February 1924.

New Zealand born John Amadio [1883-1964], whose talent was recognised by Dame Nellie Melba, was one of the great flautists of his day. At the age of 15 he was principal flute to the visiting Italian Grande Opera Company which toured Australia in 1901 and later was appointed principal flute with the first Melba Opera Company.

He went on to achieve fame touring Europe and the United States before staying in Britain during World War 2. He returned to Australia in 1947 playing for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, occasionally as soloist, and was principal flute in the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in 1956. From 1959 he lived in Melbourne in semi-retirement. His main public appearances were at open-air concerts at the Myer Music Bowl. It was at a rehearsal for one of these concerts that he died suddenly of a heart attack on 4 April 1964, aged 80.

Amadio used this flute to add a different colour to the music he played.


Amadio, John 1923


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This instrument is part of an acquisition donated by Leslie Barklamb, Judith Turnley and Gwen Colyer, 1993

Acquisition Date

26 March 1993

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