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Carte system 1851 flute made by Rudall Rose Carte & Co

Made by Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co in England, 1851-1900.

(See: D Eden and M Lea; The Powerhouse Museum Flute Collection - Carte’s 1851 System Flute in Flute Focus, issue 11, July 2007, pp.20-21)


Flute, Carte system 1851 and Boehm's parabola, metal, made by Rudall Rose Carte & Co, London, England, 1851-1900.

Silver flute in three sections, the head section has a barrel mouth piece, with a wider diameter to the rest of the body, the barrel is engraved either side of the oval mouth hole with foliate and lines. The middle joint has the tuning barrel incorporated, it has 14 keyed holes, and markings engraved around the top. The foot joint has three keyed holes and decorative edging top and bottom.


Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co 1851-1900


This instrument is part of an acquisition donated by Leslie Barklamb, Judith Turnley and Gwen Colyer, 1993
26 March, 1993

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