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2003/98/1-1 Torch (1 of 4), 'Dolphin' Mk 5, plastic / rubber / glass / metal, designed by Angelo Kotsis, Design Resource Australia Pty Ltd, Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia, 2001, made by Eveready Battery Co, China, 2002-2003. Click to enlarge.

Eveready 'Dolphin Mk5' torch

This torch is the 5th generation redesign of the successful Dolphin Lantern. Eveready Dolphin lanterns have been market leaders for well over 30 years and they are an Australian design icon. The new design for the Mark 5 incorporates many new features and benefits, which enhance an already award winning product. This torch was designed by Design Resource Australia in Crows Nest, New South Wales, for the US-based Energizer company. Design Resource has been creating products for Energizer and …

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Torch (1 of 4), 'Dolphin' Mk 5, plastic / rubber / glass / metal, designed by Angelo Kotsis, Design Resource Australia Pty Ltd, Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia, 2001, made by Eveready Battery Co, China, 2002-2003

Physical Description

Rectangular shape torch in red with curved handle. A black push button is at the top centre of the case. Around the lens is a black rubber lens ring. Holes for hanging are at the top of the lens protector and at the back of the handle. Attached to the base is an adjustable stand.


Manufacturer's name on sides, printed on red label in black 'EVEREADY'.
The name 'EVEREADY' is on both sides of the case and the product name is printed on the front top of the lens protector and the adjustable stand.
Product name on top centre of lens protector, printed in black 'Dolphin' (dolphin shape above 'in')'.
Product name on adjustable stand, printed in white 'Dolphin' (dolphin shape above 'in').
Instruction on bottom centre of lens protector, printed in black 'OPEN >>>'.
Manufacturer's details stamped on bottom of case, 'CHINA'.



150 mm


130 mm


210 mm



This torch is the 5th generation redesign of the successful Dolphin Lantern. It was designed by Design Resource Australia Pty Ltd in Crows Nest, New South Wales, for the US-based Eveready company. The initial concept for the form of this torch was developed by Angelo Kotsis, designer at Design Resource, in 2001. It retains all of the key features of the original Dolphin Lanterns with the benefits of enhanced features such as the integrated adjustable stand, large textured ergonomic handle, co-moulded touch rubber lens ring, dual facet reflector and modern contemporary styling.

The development process for the Dolphin torch was typical of contemporary products designed in Australia. Initial conceptual hand sketches by the design team were used to brainstorm ideas. Foam models were used to refine these ideas and select a design direction. Prototypes made using 3D computer models and rapid prototyping tools enabled the design to be further developed and tested. Once complete, the 3D data was sent to the toolmaker and manufacturer for testing and production. This data was accompanied by a specification document outlining all the parts to be made.

Design Resource Australia Pty Ltd was asked by their client Eveready to redesign the old Dolphin Lantern. Eveready wanted the new torch to look modern and stylish with extra features to make it appeal to customers.

The designers researched the other torches on the market to find out what the competition was like. The group of designers brainstormed creative ideas for how the new torch could look and work. The client, Eveready, helped to pick the design they thought would appeal most to customers. It was Angelo's design that was chosen to develop into a real torch.

Then Angelo and the team had to work out how to construct the new torch. They worked with engineers and manufacturers to test and develop the design using models and prototypes until the new torch was complete. The Dolphin was in production in 2003 and for sale soon afterwards.

There were some design criteria specified by the client that Angelo and the designers had to consider. They had to make sure the new torch:
- could be used with existing types of batteries
- could use a particular type of lamp
- included a stand (this was a new aspect they had to design into the torch).

Dolphin torches are designed to be waterproof, rugged, floating flashlights, for use in general household, workplace, and a variety of outside environments.

The brief from the client, Eveready Battery Co., to the designer, Design Resource Centre Pty Ltd, for the Mark 5 (including Mark 4s) read: "To redesign (evolve) the existing Dolphin Mk 4 lantern with modern styling and extra features in order to secure the current market leadership in this segment well into the future".

With an enlarged hand zone and introduction of a new adjustable stand, the Mark 5 is easier to handle and use. The stand allows the beam to be directed 'hands free', while the enlarged handle and switch allows operation with large male or gloved hands (especially in cold climates). The battery access has been improved allowing easy bulb and battery replacement. Co-moulded elastomer (polymerised compounds, e.g. plastics and rubber) inserts protect the lens from impact.

The new Dolphin aesthetic embodies the family history of the Dolphin Lantern, at the same time introducing sleek aqua lines. The re-emergence of the original porpoise 'mouth' lens ring, re-styled with the dramatic rubber lens protectors, echoes the origins of the product.

Design registration has been approved in Australia (reg. no. 214/2002), Great Britain (reg. no. 3005 634), and France (reg. no. 024 364). Application for design registration has been submitted to the authorities in America, China, and Germany.

The Eveready Battery Company made the Mark 5, Mark 4, and rechargeable torches. The torches are stamped with 'Made in China'.

Production issues such as thinning the walls on the existing blow moulded body were improved by removing all unnecessary sharp edges and sudden changes in body shape. Careful testing was undertaken in order to find the correct centre of gravity, in order to maximise the range of the adjustable stand and balance in the hand.

Several methods of injection co-moulding the lens ring were tried. The first method, dual-shot co-moulding, proved unsuccessful, with tolerance and flashing issues, so the lens ring had to be manufactured using the over-moulding process.

An optional 4 D cell cartridge (for use in the USA) has been developed.

Australian Design Registration AU 149098 S
Application 200200214
Designers: Angelo Kotsis (Design Resource) and David Dalton (Eveready)

Australian Patent Application number 2004225899



This torch was displayed in the 2003 Australian Design Awards exhibition.

The Dolphin torch has been revitalised a number of times in its 40 year life. The most recent versions of the torch (Mark 4 and 5) were created by Design Resource for the US-based Energizer company. Design Resource has been creating products for Energizer and its former subsidiary Eveready since 1989.

In 1966 Eveready in the USA designed and manufactured the first Dolphin torch - a large torch for world sales. It did well, but in 1973 Eveready's Australian arm redesigned the torch for Australian conditions, using an Australian design company. The new torch had to be shock resistant and waterproof. Paul Cockburn of Design Field in Sydney insisted that it should be fairly ugly because he believed that many people would see this as a sign of ruggedness and reliability. He also wanted the torch to be multi functional, so he gave it an angled head that threw light down onto the path ahead or up when placed on the ground, useful when you're changing tyres in the dark. From 1978 until 1989 Cockburn's Dolphin Mark II was the best selling torch in the world. Another redesign in 1989, again by Cockburn, created the even uglier, high-tech styled Dolphin Mark III.

The Dolphin torch received an Australian Design Mark and Powerhouse Museum Selection Award in 2003. Over 100 products were entered in the 2003 Australian Design Awards and 68 of these were selected as finalists. Five judging panels (in the categories of furniture design, engineering design, industrial design, textile design, and software and electronics design) recommended 56 of the finalists for a Design Mark and 25 of these for a Design Award. The products receiving Design Awards were announced at a presentation night on 9 May 2003 at the Melbourne Town Hall. At this function, the Museum's Director (Dr. Kevin Fewster), announced the recipients of the Powerhouse Museum Selection awards for 2003.

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