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Sony Mavica FD-91 digital camera with packaging

Made by Sony Corporation in Japan, 1998-1999.

At the time of purchase (June 1999) the Sony Mavica FD-91 was representative of the state of the art for consumer digital cameras. It was acquired for display within the media section of the Cyberworlds exhibition. The FD-91 is the first digital camera to be acquired by the museum. Digital cameras were originally developed during the latter part of the cold war - after satellite technology matured and provided a platform for cameras to spy on other countries and transmit captured images via sat...


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Object Statement

Digital camera, 'Mavica FD-91' with packaging, plastic / metal / electrical components / cardboard, designed and made by Sony Corporation, Japan, 1998 -1999

Physical Description

Digital camera, 'Mavica FD-91' with packaging, plastic / metal / electrical components / cardboard, designed and made by Sony Corporation, Japan, 1998 -1999

Sony Mavica FD-91 digital Camera. The camera has been dismantled for display in an exploded state and is mounted so that the internal mechanism is visible. The camera also has accompanying original packaging, accessories and documentation.


Makers marks on camera and packaging materal.



Sony Corporation Japan 1998-1999


The Mavica FD-91 digital camera was designed and manufactured by Sony Corporation in Japan between 1998 and 1999.

Digital image capture systems were originally designed for the cold war spy satellite systems. The objectives of those developments were the ability to capture an image (without using film) and convert it to a digital file for transmission.

The design of consumer digital cameras has involved the integration of many enabling technologies including a specialised semiconductor - charge-coupled device (CCD), analog to digital conversion, digital file memory devices and the general reduction in component size through microprocessor large scale integration.

Digital cameras have also comforted consumers of this new product by using analogies from mechanical cameras for the digital "functions" (skeuomorph: a design feature that is no longer functional in itself but that refers back to a feature that was functional at an earlier time) for example (on some digital cameras) when you press a button that is the mechanical equivalent of the shutter release the camera will play a digital sound file of a mechanical shutter and a motor wind mechanism advancing film to the next frame.

Details regarding the manufacture of digital cameras and associated peripherals may be researched through InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. ( - a leading market research and consulting firm for digital imaging technologies and markets. In particular articles relating to the growth of the digital camera market in relation to the now (2001 onward) declining film camera market, scanners and the use of digital images.



This object was purchased new and pulled apart by MAAS Conservation Dept for the exhibition 'Cyberworlds' it was then acquired as a pull apart model.

The most popular use of digital cameras is for providing images to distribute to friends, relatives, colleagues or clients via email or on web sites.


Credit Line

Purchased 2002

Acquisition Date

4 September 2002

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